Benefits of Continued Education in Recreational Diving

Benefits of Continued Education in Recreational Diving

Benefits of Continued Education in Recreational Diving

If you have recently finished your Open Water Diver (OWD) course, probably you are wondering if it would be interesting or not to continue your education as a recreational diver, following one of the existing Continued Education programs.


Certainly, many of the certified OWD divers are not interested in continuing their education in diving, as they consider that the training received in the OWD course —focused on personal safety and assistance to a buddy— is enough for them.


Nevertheless, other OWD decide to progress further in their training, as they want to develop their abilities as divers by extending their knowledge and improving their water skills.


In my personal opinion, the BENEFITS ASSOCIATED TO CONTINUED EDUCATION that should be considered are the following:


  • Increases diver´s safety by providing profounder knowledge on diving together with improving water skills (buoyancy control, proper gear use, underwater navigation, deep diving,…), extending the legal coverage of their diving insurance according to their enhanced training.


  • Provides specific learning on how to manage emergency situations in diving (rescue and self-rescue skills), including Emergency First Response education, what becomes very useful also in daily life.


  • In summary, improves divers´ confidence in their own skills, what results in increasing the safety of the buddy as well during the dive..


Hope this post can help you to take your decision on the matter.

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