GoPro Course

GoPro Course - Cabo la Nao

To any diver who is fond of underwater video who has a GoPro camera or similar, interested in getting the most out of your team. It is suitable for beginners or more advanced videographers using a GoPro or similar camera.
During this course, you will learn underwater video recording and editing techniques so that you can produce a film at a professional level. See program

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    This course can be done with snorkel or diving equipment. In this case, it is necessary to be a certified diver with any recognized organization and have up-to-date diving insurance.

    In addition to all your diving or snorkeling equipment and in order to follow this course of filming and editing underwater video with GoPro cameras, you will need the following:

    • GoPro camera or similar
    • Your mobile phone with the GoPro App (Quick) downloaded and synced with your camera
    • Laptop (Mac or PC)
    • External hard drive of at least 1TB. Portable external hard drives smaller than 2.5 inches are not recommended for use.
    • dive computer

    GoPro Course – SSI Specialty

    The filming with a GoPro or similar camera and video editing course consists of two days in an organized event.
    The GoPro Course contains the following topics:

    • How do I start recording video underwater?
    • GoPro Camera Settings
    • The use of underwater filters
    • Macros and Close-ups
    • The use of spotlights underwater
    • Some suggestions
    • What's next?

    Course program

    • Day 1: Theory about the settings, filters and elements for the recording, water session and the beginning of the edition
    • Day 2: Theory about macros, Close-up and lights, water session and final edition

    Chambers, waterproof boxes and accessories

    The student will use their own GoPro camera or similar for underwater filming, however, some macros, filters and lenses will be available for GoPro cameras for use during the course.
    We believe that a broader understanding of using GoPro cameras underwater provides a better understanding of underwater video footage. In this way, and when the time comes to buy the equipment or accessories themselves, the student will have the necessary knowledge to decide which GoPro camera model best suits their needs and budget, as well as the accessories.

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