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Perhaps on some occasion it has happened to you that, when preparing your personal equipment to go diving, you have found yourself with the unpleasant surprise that your regulator leaked, or your buoyancy compensator lost air or did not inflate. So, surely you have thought: ?it would be great to know how to carry out these basic repairs to be able to prevent or even solve these situations on the fly?.

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    If you are ready to go one step further in your training as a recreational diver, developing new skills and knowledge about how to perform basic maintenance on your diving equipment to ensure that it always works in good condition, it is time to enroll in the SSI Equipment Maintenance Specialty course. In this course you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to carry out basic maintenance tasks on your equipment and avoid these surprises that can tarnish your diving day.


    Equipment Maintenance Course – SSI Specialty

    if you are already Open Water Diver SSI or equivalent from any other international diving agency (PADI, ACUC, ?) you can enroll in our SSI Equipment Techniques specialty course. This course combines individual study of teaching material online together with practice session under the supervision of your SSI Instructor.

    During this course you will learn and practice the specific techniques to carry out basic maintenance tasks on your diving equipment (regulator, buoyancy compensator, taps, ?). Being familiar with these elementary techniques will allow you to keep your scuba gear in top working condition. In this way, if it were the case, you will be able to solve breakdowns and simple technical problems that arise unexpectedly on your diving day, both for you and your partner.

    If you are determined to continue developing your skills as a recreational diver to start new adventures? contact us TODAY to inform you!!!

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