How to buy your first diving equipment

I'm getting into diving and I've decided to buy my own equipment little by little. What should I buy first?

This question is very common among novice divers who have found a taste for this wonderful activity. There are those who have decided to take the step of investing some savings in the acquisition of their own equipment. Naturally, what they are most concerned about is making good use of the money they are going to spend. That is why they consider what elements of it they should preferably buy.

When answering this question, first of all it must be made clear that there is no single answer. Although some criteria can be identified that are of great help when making a decision. Always depending on the preferences of each person.

These criteria are fundamentally three: practical utility, personal hygiene and the associated economic cost. The final decision about preferably acquiring one piece or another of the diving equipment will be given by the combination of the three, according to the weight that we grant to each one of them.

In this sense, in order to buy your first diving equipment, we must take into account the following:

The items of equipment that, in my opinion, best meet this criterion are the dive computer and the mask.

As we know, the dive computer is essential to maintain control of the parameters of the dive. (Depth, ascent rate, no-decompression time limit). Also to have an electronic record of the history of our dives. If we are going to dive with Nitrox, it becomes essential, due to the characteristics of diving with EAN mix. It is true that it can be rented, but the truth is that not all models that are rented work exactly the same. What constitutes a disorder will change.

On the other hand, having your own mask that fits us perfectly will result in comfort. Also in less air consumption when diving more comfortable and relaxed.

? Regarding personal hygiene, which is usually a concern with rental equipment, the preference should be focused on the booties and the suit. This is so because they are elements that are in direct contact with our skin, and that are generally permanently wet. In addition, depending on our anatomical measurements, we do not always find our size when renting, so having them in property will prevent us from suffering discomfort derived from an inappropriate size.

? As for the economic cost, we must bear in mind that buying quality products always pays off in the end. As much as it initially involves a little more outlay. The recommendation, in any case, is to opt for brands of recognized prestige. Diving equipment, with proper care and maintenance, has a very long life. When deciding, we must not forget that a few euros more well spent will more than compensate if we think that the product will last several years (up to ten, even).

How to buy your first diving equipment - Cabo La Nao
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