How to buy your first set of scuba diving gear

How to buy your first set of scuba diving gear

How to buy your first set of scuba diving gear

“I am starting to enjoy scuba diving and I have decided to get little by little my own gear. What should I by first?” The answer to this question is what you get, today, in the article how to buy your first scuba diving gear.

This question arises quite frequently among new divers, who are becoming passionate about this wonderful activity. A few of them have decided to go forward and invest some savings on acquiring their own gear. Naturally, they are concerned about making good use of their money. They wonder which elements of the scuba diving set they should get first.

When answering this question, before anything else, it should be made clear that there is no single answer. Nonetheless, there are a few criteria that may help in making your mind up, always according to each person’s own preferences.

These criteria are essentially three: practical utility, personal hygiene, and associated economic cost. The final decision about buying preferably one piece of equipment instead of another will be a combination of the three, based upon the specific weight we give to each and one of them.

According to this, we should take into account the following guidelines:

In my book, the pieces of gear that best meet these criteria are the diving computer and the mask.

It is commonly known, that the diving computer becomes essential to keep the dive parameters under control (Depth, Ascent Rate and No-Decompression Limit). This is also to keep an electronic log of our dives. If we are to dive on NITROX, it becomes essential due to the particular characteristics of diving on EAN. It is true that it may be hired. However, not all the models available work exactly in the same fashion, which becomes a nuisance.

For its part, having your own mask that fits perfectly will also be more comfortable. Besides, diving more comfortably and relaxed will have an effect in having lower air consumption.

  • On the matter of personal hygiene, which is frequently a cause of concern with the hire equipment, the preference should be set on booties and the suit. The reason is because both elements are in direct contact with our skin, which generally remains permanently wet. Besides, and depending naturally on our own body measures, there is always a chance that we do not find our size when hiring. If we have our own suit and booties, we will avoid the nuisance of not having the fitting size.

• On the matter of economic cost, we should consider that acquiring high quality products always pays off in the end, even though it may initially imply a higher payment. The recommendation anyway is choosing well-known brands. When choosing, you may want to consider that investing a few more euros will surely pay off when the product will last several years, even up to ten.

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