PADI Open Water Course in Javea


Special Offer January 2019!

Take your PADI course in just one weekend. For busy people!

You will acquire a bonus with an open date and unlimited validity (it does not expire). To complete the course you will have to call to arrange a day and time, according to the availability of the center. (This offer excludes the practice of the sea in the month of August).

The “express” PADI course in Jávea includes:

Access to the theoretical online program of the diving course.
Development of swimming pool and sea practices in Jávea to be done in 2 days.
Processing of the international PADI degree.
FREE equipment rental bonus for ONE YEAR.
Credit for the PADI Advanced course.
Possibility of accommodation 2 nights in Jávea for only € 30 more.

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PADI Scuba Diving course in Javea

This PADI Scuba Diving course in Javea is the first step in your scuba diving learning. In this course, we will start from the scratch, so you don’t need any previous experience.

When you complete this course, you will earn a certification valid for diving anywhere in the world. It is as if you earn a driving licence, but this is valid for scuba diving.

This is the “express” modality and will be concentrated in 2 days.

You will get all of this in a fun way by completing the following learning parts:

1. Theory part development:

You can complete the theory block comfortably through a digital platform or a hardcopy of course manual, at your choice. In this part you will read and enjoy while you learn. Here you will find all the needed contents of the course.

2. Confined Water Dives (pool) in Javea:

The second step is learning 20 technical skills techniques with the scuba gear. This is the part where you find yourself diving. We will start by learning how to set up your own equipment, and we will practice all you need to know about your scuba gear in the water.

Furthermore, you may take as many pool lessons as you need until you feel perfectly prepared to jump into the sea. The learning system is based on student’s performance, not on time spent.

It is not compulsory to have fully completed the theory part before taking the pool sessions. The idea is starting the pool practice as soon as possible.

3. Practical dives in the sea in Javea:

It is required to have successfully completed the theory part and the pool sessions before taking the practical part in the sea.

The practices in the sea of the PADI Open Water course in Javea takes place in Javea. Enjoying from the very first moment the clear waters full of marine life is the reason behind to have them in Javea. It is easier to adapt to a new environment when its conditions are pleasant and interesting.

When you have completed all the three parts of the course, we will process your PADI International Certification. From that moment on, with the certification in your hands and with the scuba skills learn, there is anything else but the joy of good dives.

To take this course, you must be 12 years old and have a medical statement valid for scuba diving before taking the dives in the sea.


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