Snorkeling Boat Trip


Experience a day of sea adventure with a snorkelling boat trip.

The snorkelling tour has a duration of one hour and a half for you to enjoy the adventure of sailing on board of one of our boats and feel like diver for one day.

You will have a disposal a full set of snorkelling gear, including a neoprene wetsuit, if you wish.

An introduction to scuba diving activity suitable for all people, starting from 4 years old. So the whole family may discover the secrets hidden underwater.

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Snorkeling Boat Trip

Discover the thrill of exploring underwater sceneries and the sheltered marine wildlife with a snorkelling boat tour. This activity is free from technical complexity. This is an adventure to enjoy together with family and friends.

We shall start by furnishing you with all the required gear: mask, snorkel, fins and a jacket. Then, we will board and set course for adventure.

Part of the activity is getting to know Javea coast from the boat. We will show you Cape of San Martín, Black Cape and Cape Nao (Cape of the Boat). The last one is the most famous and the most easterly site of the Iberian Peninsula.

When we are about to get out into the water, we will give some basic guidelines about snorkelling. You will learn how to clear your scuba masks, how to purge (drain) the snorkel without getting your face out of the water. Finally, we will give you some guidelines about how to effectively use your fins to gain power and comfort in the water.

The seabed we will explore is 2 and 6 metres deep. At this depth, Javea’s clear waters will allow you to enjoy a fantastic view of the underwater scenery and wildlife.

Javea seabed is a typical rugged underwater landscape that gives sanctuary for a myriad of species, please check Javea’s scuba diving guide.

This activity takes place through out July and August. During the summer season waters temperature ranges from 25 to 28 centigrade degrees. This makes the tour extremely pleasant. But still, if you happen to be a shivery person, please do ask for a neoprene wetsuit, without extra cost for you.

For the Entire Family!

The snorkelling boat tour is an activity suitable for everybody, including 4 years old children and older. It is safe, funny and exciting activity that the whole family may enjoy together.

In addition, the scuba diving centre will ensure participants safety and comfort aboard at all times.

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