How to dive properly and comfortably

Many new divers who come to our dive centre ask frequently how to dive properly and comfortably. Soon enough, they realise that comfort across the whole dive starts with a proper beginning.

These are a few GUIDELINES that will help you to dive properly and will improve air consumption efficiency during the initial stages. These guidelines will provide you a relaxed start, which you may extend along the whole dive:

  1. Make sure you set up your weight belt properly. Remember to check it up: Gear up with all your equipment. Get into the water, which should be deep enough, so your feet do not touch the bottom. With the regulator in your mouth, deflate your BCD, and keep your lungs full of air. You should float with the waterline at the level of your eyes. If not, add or remove weight until you get it.
  2. Start your descent adopting a totally vertical position, with your feet ahead. This position makes easier the vertical movement, ascent/descent.
  3. It is highly recommended to look down while you descend. You will avoid from bumping into other divers. Besides, you avoid instinctively from filling your lungs with air, when you start seeing the waterline at the level of your eyes (which is natural).
  4. Slightly bend your knees to position your fins close to the back side of your legs. This will help you to avoid from being slowed down by your own fins, and start kicking instinctively when you should not.
  5. Whenever possible, use the mooring line as an aid tool to descend the firsts 2 or 3 meters. At this level, suit compression will have reduced its positive buoyancy and you may continue with less effort.
  6. Add air to your BCD as you need to reduce the descent rate. If needed, you may do some gentle fin kicking.
  7. Finally, remember to equalise using the Valsalva manoeuvre ALONG THE ENTIRE DIVE, and from the very BEGINNING, at the surface. If you do no equalise properly and you feel pain, ascend slightly to moderate pressure and try again the manoeuvre.

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