Decompression Diving

Decompression Diving - Cabo La Nao

Are you a recreational diver with some experience and need new challenges? Have you ever wanted to visit a sunken ship at a depth that involves exceeding the No Decompression Limits? Well, this is the opportunity to take one more step in your training as a diver, allowing you to overcome the limits of recreational diving without facing the complexities and expensive equipment of Technical Diving.

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    If you are ready to go one step further in your training as a diver, developing new skills and knowledge that allow you to push the limits of recreational diving without facing the complexities and expensive equipment of Technical Diving (EXtended Range-XR), it is the time to sign up for SSI Decompression Diving Specialty course. In this course you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform dives with accumulated decompression obligations of up to 15 min in a safe and efficient way, using the same diving equipment that you use up to now.


    Decompression Diving Course – SSI Specialty

    if you are already Nitrox Diver Y SSI Deep Diver or equivalent from any other international diving agency (PADI, ACUC, ?) and you have some experience, you can enroll in our SSI Decompression Diving specialty course. This course combines individual study of teaching material online together with 4 dives in the sea under the supervision of your SSI Instructor. The dives will be distributed in a minimum of 3 days (not necessarily consecutive).

    During this course you will learn and practice specific procedures to carry out dives outside LNDs with a cumulative maximum decompression obligation of 15 min. As you learn and practice these procedures, you will have the opportunity to reinforce all those skills necessary to maintain safety and efficiency on these types of dives, such as correct planning, handling of the dive computer and the use of optimal gases and decompression gases (EAN40). All this learning is essential to be able to dive safely by exceeding No Decompression Limits.

    If you are determined to continue developing your skills as a recreational diver to start new adventures? contact us TODAY to inform you!!!

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