Your diving center in JAVEA is Diving School and Diving Center. Jávea enjoys a privileged location in Mediterranean waters with different dive sites to satisfy all levels of divers. (See Jávea diving guide)

Founded in 1995, its more than 25 years of experience in the sector make this diving center a safe bet where fun and safety go hand in hand. (See virtual tour of the facilities)

In addition Buceo Cabo la Nao, your diving center in JAVEA, has the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence for consistently receiving high user ratings.

This diving center enjoys a strategic location. The modern facilities are located within the Marina Nou Fontana itself with the boats at the very door of the diving center. This means unparalleled comfort for the diver.


Cabo la Nao Diving Staff

Rafa Arocha - Cabo la Nao Diving Center

Rafael Arocha

SSI Master Instructor

SSI Professional: 62838

Master Instructor - Cabo La Nao
Manuel Tomás - Cabo La Nao

Manuel Thomas

SSI Instructor Trainer

SSI Professional: 62842

Instructor Trainer - Cabo La Nao
Javier Bolsa - Cabo La Nao

Xavier Bag

SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer

SSI Professional: 92226

Assistant Instructor Trainer - Cabo La Nao

Como preparar bien tu dia de buceo

En este artículo te desvelaremos Como preparar bien tu dia de buceo con cuatro sencillas claves a tener en cuenta. Ya sea para un solo día de buceo, para un fin de semana o para un viaje de buceo, hemos de ser igualmente metódicos a la hora de ponernos con los...

Thermal protection for diving

¿Te gustaría bucear durante todo el año y no pasar frío?  Elegir una correcta protección térmica para bucear es clave para disfrutar de tu día de buceo. ¿Eres de los que desde el lunes está esperando que llegue el sábado para bucear? ¿Pasas la semana planificando tu...

How do I continue my training: Advanced Course or Specialties?

How do I continue my training?: Advanced Adventurer or Specialty Programs? It is very common that divers with Open Water Diver (OWD) certification and who wish to continue their diving training come to us and ask us what course do you recommend me to do? ...

What will diving be like post COVID-19?

What will diving be like post COVID-19? The coronavirus is here to stay. So we will have to learn to live with this new disease just as we have done with others that are also contagious but do have the appropriate vaccine. The arrival of COVID-19...

Benefits of continuous training

What benefits does continuous training in recreational diving bring me? If you have recently finished your Open Water Diver (OWD) course, you have probably wondered whether or not to continue with your training as a recreational diver, following the Education...

The syndrome of ?shallow waters? in apnea

The syndrome of ?shallow waters? in freedivingThe syndrome of ?shallow waters? in apnea in technical language, anoxic syncope of emersion? It consists of a sudden fading that can occur during ascent, near the surface, in the course...

diuresis in immersion

Diuresis during immersionIn your experience as a diver, even if you are still a beginner, surely you have had occasion to experience a sensation that is very common among divers: an irresistible increase in the urge to urinate during and after the... .

How to correctly put on the weight belt

Putting on the weight belt In fact, it happens that divers do not attach importance to this aspect. Wearing the weight belt correctly for diving is very important in order to maintain a proper navigation position. This affects your...

How to make a correct and comfortable descent

How to make a correct and comfortable descent Many of the novice divers who pass through our Center frequently ask how to make a correct and comfortable descent. They themselves soon realize that comfort throughout the...

7 Tips to better compensate the ears

7 tips to better compensate your ears on your diveThese 7 tips to better compensate your ears on your dive can be very useful on your diving trips. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and milk: Both tobacco smoke and alcohol irritate the membranes...

Customers say

carlos martinez
carlos martinez
As always great. Very attentive and personal treatment, quality and efficiency. Now a better point, that you know that any day you can dive. unbeatable
Pepe Ruiz
Pepe Ruiz
Magnificent center everything perfect
Margaret Moreno
Margaret Moreno
I have to say that it has been a very pleasant experience. I really liked the diving center and especially the professionalism of its instructors. Javier, who is the one who has touched me, has been the excellent instructor and I want to record this and the center I liked it a lot and I recommend it
Fernando Rojas Martin
Fernando Rojas Martin
I just did two dives and it was wonderful, we had a great time and they treated us wonderfully, they are super professionals, we felt very safe at all times. I recommend it without a doubt.
Roberto Morera
Roberto Morera
Many thanks to Javi and Jaime for this great experience, it has been a spectacular day and we will repeat the experience again
Myriam Cortes
Myriam Cortes
It's nice to find centers like this. A 10?
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