General conditions for contracting activities

1st.- Identification of the company.

The active tourism company BUCEO CABO LA NAO, SL, with CIF no. B98773914, has its premises at Calle Canal Sur,2, Jávea, CP 03730, a company registered in the Register of active tourism companies of the Generalitat Valenciana with the number CVTA00039 A.

DIVING CABO LA NAO has authorization from the Generalitat Valenciana to carry out the activity of Diving Center with the number CV-028-A.

In addition, the company has a website with information about the company and its activities or courses at Likewise, the main contact email with BUCEO CABO LA NAO is

2nd.- Risk management.

The activities offered by BUCEO CABO LA NAO imply an intrinsic and even propitiated danger, which the participant assumes and accepts. The responsibility of BUCEO CABO LA NAO, taking into account the foregoing, is not to program and carry out activities free of danger or "safe", but to manage the risk so that it is within certain limits and that the practice of that activity does not entail the causation damage to the physical integrity or life of the participants.

For this, DIVE CABO LA NAO undertakes that:

  • The staff is trained for the activity to be carried out.
  • The activities are covered by civil liability and accident insurance.
  • The activities are properly planned, especially in terms of risk and adversity management.

3rd.- Information about the activities.

DIVING CABO LA NAO undertakes, in addition to reporting the type of activity, its place of performance, the necessary material/equipment, and its duration, to specify with scales or descriptions the technical and physical difficulty involved in each activity. DIVING CABO LA NAO, may establish personal requirements or conditions for access to activities or courses, only when necessary to preserve the minimum safety conditions of the activity or for its optimal use or enjoyment by the participant and by the rest of the group. The participant will be duly informed of the activity to be carried out, in order to have the conviction that said activity is the one that they really want, and is the one appropriate to their personal characteristics.

As for the necessary material and equipment, the activity sheet will indicate the material and equipment provided by CABO LA NAO DIVING and that will be included in the price, as well as the material and equipment that the participant must provide or that he/she may rent with the company providing the service.

DIVE CABO LA NAO reserves the right to modify the training offer presented on the website (modifications on activities, dates, deadlines, locations, prices, offers and other commercial and service conditions) at any time. DIVE CABO LA NAO makes every effort within its means to offer the information contained on the website truthfully and without typographical errors. In the event that at any time an error of this type occurs, at all times beyond the control of BUCEO CABO LA NAO, it will be corrected immediately. If there is a typographical error in any of the prices shown and a client has made a purchase decision based on said error, DIVE CABO LA NAO will notify the client of said error and the client will have the right to cancel their registration at no cost on their part. .

The contents of the website could, on occasions, show provisional information about some activities or courses. In the event that the information provided does not correspond to the definitive characteristics of the training, the client will have the right to cancel their registration at no cost on their part.

4th.- Minimum groups and ratios.

The activities or courses organized by BUCEO CABO LA NAO must have the participation of a minimum number of people, which is set for security reasons and/or for reasons of economic viability.

Likewise, CABO LA NAO DIVING also sets maximum limits of participants per guide or technician, for each activity or course, in order to guarantee minimum conditions of safety and use/enjoyment of the activity or course in question by the entire group, that if it were excessively numerous they could not be guaranteed.

5th.- Psycho-physical conditions.

The participant must inform DIVE CABO LA NAO or, at least, the guides, technicians or monitors about:

  • Health problems (allergies or diseases).
  • Medication of substances that can alter their usual skills.
  • Any incident that occurred during the trip to it (physical, mental, material, etc.) although they may seem insignificant, such as dizziness from the trip, weakness from a bad breakfast, etc.
  • The participant agrees not to be influenced by the effects of alcoholic, psychotropic, exciting or hallucinogenic substances, on the date on which the activities are carried out.
  • The diver is responsible for having undergone, within the preceding two years, the mandatory medical examination carried out by a specialist in underwater activities, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 550/2020 of June 2, which determine the safety conditions in diving or respond favorably to the following Responsible Statement.

6th.- Prices.

The prices are in euros and per person, and include the services of the guides, technicians or monitors of CABO LA NAO DIVING and the current VAT. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the contracting of external services (hotels, shelters, hostels, meals, transportation, cable car, etc.), will be the responsibility of the participant.

7th.- Registration in activities.

Enrollment in CABO LA NAO DIVING activities must be documented. The registration form must be completed by the participant and sent or presented to BUCEO CABO LA NAO by any of the following means:

  • Telefónica, at 609 672 856. The client will receive an online payment link to formalize their reservation.
  • In the office-store of BUCEO CABO LA NAO, at Calle Canal Sur, 2 in Jávea, CP 03730, by paying at the counter.
  • Through the company's website, through the "BOOK" button
  • Registration will not be considered formalized and effective until payment of the price/reservation of the contracted activity or course is made, according to the procedure established in the following clause.

8th.- Way to pay.

For a reservation to be formalized, the client must pay the 100% of the same. Once the payment has been made, this reservation will already appear in the activities agenda of the diving center.

Those reservations that the client requests from the diving center but that are not paid, will not be confirmed, so they do not generate any type of obligation on the part of the company.

The payment of the price of the activities or courses organized by BUCEO CABO LA NAO must be made by one of the following means:

  • In cash at the office at Calle Canal Sur, 2 in Jávea.
  • With credit or debit bank card.
  • PayPal.
  • Bank transfer or account deposit in the following Caixabank bank account:
ES49 2100 7348 5302 0003 9458

In the event that payment is made by bank transfer or account deposit, the participant must send BUCEO CABO LA NAO, SL proof of this payment so that the reservation is firm.

Payment will always be made in euros.

In certain cases and to prevent possible fraud, BUCEO CABO LA NAO reserves the right to choose the specific form of payment, especially in the event that the identity of the holder of the means of payment is not reliably proven.

9th.- Cancellations.

The participants may desist, renounce or cancel the services requested or contracted at any time, having the right to a refund of the amounts paid in the manner indicated below:

Cancellation made at least 48 hours before the start of the activity: 100% refund of the amount paid.
Cancellation made less than 48 hours before the start of the activity: 50% refund of the amount paid.
Cancellation made less than 24 hours before the start of the activity: no refund of any amount, without the possibility of postponing the activity or exchanging it for another.

In the event that the client cancels due to illness, the 100% of the amount paid will be refunded, provided that the client presents the corresponding medical certificate.

Any cancellation by the client must necessarily be made by communication addressed to:

DIVE CABO LA NAO can cancel the activity on its own initiative in case of:

Adverse weather conditions.
Conditions that prevent adequately guaranteeing the safety of the participants.
Failure to reach the necessary minimum number of people enrolled in the activity.

In these cases of cancellation, BUCEO CABO LA NAO, prior agreement with the participants, will reschedule the activity to another date or will refund the 100% of the amount paid by the client, with the exception of diving course clients, that they will only have the option of postponing the activity to another date.

10th.- About Diving Courses

These are the contracting conditions for a diving teaching course taught by the Cabo la Nao Diving School.

Payment and cancellations

Payment for the course will be made in full before the start of any teaching phase and no full or partial refunds will be made under any circumstances.

Theoretical preparation phase

The diving school will provide the digital theoretical teaching materials corresponding to the contracted course, which must be studied one hundred percent by the student and have passed the knowledge review tests of each chapter before continuing to the internship phase. in water.

Inquiries may be made to the instructor personally at the dive center or by telephone or by establishing a videoconference.

For any aquatic practical part, each student will be provided with the necessary equipment appropriate to their level of education.

Beginner Level Courses

The courses that require training in the pool, such as those of initiation level (Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver), the school will teach the training session in the pool addressing the exercises marked in the teaching guide according to their level.

This practical session can be delivered in one session or divided into two shorter sessions depending on the organization of the program and the location where it is held.

The instructor who teaches the pool session will be responsible for the teaching and safety of the student and, therefore, is the one who will evaluate their learning and individually indicate to each student if they are prepared to continue to the practice phase at sea or, in their case, if the student needs additional training.

For those cases in which a student requires additional training in the pool, and depending on the degree of specific dedication that the student needs, the diving school reserves the right to apply a surcharge of 100 EUR in exchange for receiving personalized sessions with a instructor, which can be done individually or in small groups. These sessions will not be mandatory, although the student will not be able to continue with the training phase in open water (in the sea) until they have completed all the requirements in the pool.

For the cases of continuing to the practice phase at sea, the student will contact the Diving Center to check the availability of places and make a reservation for its realization.

Once a date reservation has been closed for a pool or sea session, the cancellation or postponement of these by the student must be made with at least 7 days in advanceOtherwise, you will lose your place, with the exception of medical reasons justified in writing.

The maximum time that can elapse between carrying out the practices in the pool and those in the sea may not exceed 90 days. In case of exceeding this maximum period, the student must carry out a retraining in the pool that will entail an associated cost of 50 EUR at the student's expense.

The programming of the practices at sea for each course will correspond to Buceo Cabo la Nao depending on the conditions of the agenda, organization of groups, security, meteorology, maritime conditions, visibility or other factors that the school considers in terms of the feasibility of carrying it out. of the course. For this reason, Buceo Cabo la Nao reserves the option of postponing, suspending or canceling scheduled practical sessions. If the postponement of the sessions at sea was due to meteorological or internal causes of Buceo Cabo La Nao and not to the student, the delay caused by this will not be computed for the purposes of the maximum period of 90 days mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Si el alumno tras recibir la clase teórica online y la fase de piscina dedice no realizar la parte de aguas abiertas,  no se realizará reembolso alguno.

11th.- Transport.

Unless otherwise indicated in the program, the costs and responsibility of transportation to the diving center or pool, where appropriate, will be borne by the participant. The participant will arrive at the activities sufficiently in advance to solve any unforeseen event or need. In the same way, the guides, technicians or monitors of CABO LA NAO DIVING assume their obligation to be punctual at the agreed times. The accumulation of small delays directly and very negatively affects the safety, harmony of the group and the proper development of the activity.

12th.- Start of activity.

The theoretical or explanatory session prior to the activity is considered the START of the services.

13th.- Safety regulations.

The participant will pay and maintain, throughout the development of the activity, due attention to the instructions that may be given by the organization and will pay very special attention to the guides, technicians or monitors responsible for the activity. , following all the indications of action and/or security that may be provided.

Without the knowledge and express authorization of those responsible, the participant will not be located in potentially dangerous places such as large slopes, precipices, unstable ground, turbulent water currents, chasms, ice sheets, ice zones, landslides, avalanches, etc.

14th.- Use of diving equipment or safety material.

The participant will keep all the equipment specific to the activity well placed at all times, intensifying their attention and care with the protection and safety equipment, both individual and collective, will keep the material assigned for the activities, and will instantly communicate if any deterioration or loss during the performance of said activities. The equipment for the development of the activities are not play instruments, and their good use will make the activity much more pleasant and safe.

At the end of the activity, the participant will deliver all the assigned material to those responsible for it. In case of loss or breakage of the material loaned or rented by BUCEO CABO LA NAO that is due to the negligence of the participant, he/she may be obliged to pay its value or replace it.

The diving equipment owned by the participant will be guarded by the participant and its total or partial loss as well as its deterioration will not be the responsibility of the company in any case, including forgetfulness, material falling into the water, theft, etc.

15th.- Environmental standards.

The participant will deeply respect the natural environment where the activity takes place, intensifying this care in the areas of protected natural spaces, where care will be taken in addition to complying with the regulations of said protected natural spaces. In the natural environment there should be no waste or garbage. It will also respect other groups or people who are in the areas where the activities are carried out.

16th.- Duty to collaborate.

The activities are in teams, so the participant will have to collaborate and help the other participants and those responsible for the activity when required. The participant will not assume, in any case, the tasks or responsibilities of the guides, technicians or monitors, and will avoid arrogant or exhibitionist behavior, which tends to degenerate into a bad atmosphere in the group.

17th.- Modifications in programming.

The activities are subject to weather conditions and the characteristics of the people who participate. The schedules, itineraries and ways to follow, may be modified or even suspended in whole or in part, if circumstances require it to preserve the minimum security conditions and always at the discretion of the company or the guides, technicians or monitors / as on behalf of CABO LA NAO DIVING. In these cases, no amount paid by the participant will be reimbursed, given the unpredictability of these factors (as long as the activity has already started). In the event that the suspended activity had not yet started, the amounts paid by the participants would be refunded.

In each activity CABO LA NAO DIVING will specify the type and amount of material needed. If any participant is missing any essential element of the equipment, those responsible for the activity may suspend or delay the start of the activity until said problem is corrected or even choose to continue with the program without the presence of the affected person, if the lack of said elements is attributable to the participant.

18th.- Exclusion/expulsion from activities.

The guides, technicians or monitors, on behalf of CABO LA NAO DIVING, may exclude or expel any participant from the activity, losing any right to reimbursement of the price paid, in any of the following circumstances:

  • Not carrying the required equipment or material, especially protection and/or safety, when this may lead to some risk to their own health or physical integrity or that of third parties.
  • Not being sufficiently prepared technically for the development of the activity.
  • Suffering from any illness or injury for which carrying out the contracted activity is not recommended.
  • Lacking the physical or technical level necessary to carry out the activity.
  • Being under the influence of alcoholic, psychotropic, exciting or hallucinogenic substances during the development of the activity.
  • Failure to comply with the safety instructions and/or for the control of the group carried out by the technician or guide.
  • Intentionally or recklessly causing damage to loaned or rented equipment or material.
  • Violation of legal regulations, especially criminal or administrative.
  • Repeated or serious actions of contempt, ridicule or humiliation towards the rest of the group's classmates or other people outside the group.
  • Repeated or serious actions that, failing to comply with the instructions given by the technician or guide, endanger the health, physical integrity or life of yourself or third parties.

In these cases, BUCEO CABO LA NAO declines all responsibility for any accident caused by the imprudence, negligence or recklessness of any participant, in addition the amount paid by the client will not be reimbursed.

19th.- Suspension of activities once started.

Once any activity or course has started, CABO LA NAO DIVING may suspend them, if the modification of the program is not feasible, in the following cases:

  • weather reasons.
  • Safety reasons.
  • Orders of the administrative authorities.

In these cases, BUCEO CABO LA NAO will not reimburse any amount or compensation to the participants, but the activity will be postponed to another date.

20th.- Protection of one's own image.

Any person who participates in the activities of BUCEO CABO LA NAO has the right to protect their image. In principle, DIVE CABO LA NAO understands that the participant gives his/her consent to use the images taken of him/her in the course of the activities for information campaigns that DIVE CABO LA NAO undertakes in the future and to show it to others. participants who carry out or may carry out courses and/or activities with this company. However, if the participant expressly shows their refusal to make this use of the audiovisual material, BUCEO CABO LA NAO will not distribute or eliminate the images or videos where this person/s appear.

21st.- Evaluation of the activities.

Any participant in the activities and courses of BUCEO CABO LA NAO is invited to contribute comments and constructive opinions to the organization, since with them the quality of the service will be constantly improved.

Of course, in the office of BUCEO CABO LA NAO there is a claim form available to any user.

22nd.- Data protection.

The personal data provided in the registration forms are processed in an automated file by BUCEO CABO LA NAO, in order to inform the clients of BUCEO CABO LA NAO about future activities, products or promotions. To exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition before BUCEO CABO LA NAO, clients can go to the headquarters of BUCEO CABO LA NAO at Calle Canal Sur, 2, 03730- Jávea, by means of a written request accompanied by copy of ID.

In the event that the data provided is associated with a commercial transaction, Spanish law requires us to keep it for at least five years, so it cannot be deleted or rectified, despite the client's request.

23rd.- Acceptance.

The fact of taking part in any of the activities organized by BUCEO CABO LA NAO implies acceptance of these conditions by the participant.

24th.- Applicable legislation and competent jurisdiction.

The inscriptions or activities carried out with BUCEO CABO LA NAO, are subject to Spanish legislation.

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