Put on the lead belt

Indeed, it happens that divers do not attach importance to this aspect. Wearing the weight belt correctly for diving is very important in order to maintain a proper navigation position. This in turn affects comfort, savings in physical effort and, ultimately, air consumption.

Specifically, the correct placement of the weight belt is based on the following indications, all of them very simple:

Put on the belt so that you can undo it using your right hand. To do this, place the buckle on the left side of your body. Let the other end clearly stick out from the outside of the kit. Remember that the ballast must be able to be released quickly in case of need. Both by yourself and by your partner. Precisely for this reason, the placement of the weight belt must be standard and not customized to the diver's taste.

Tighten the belt as far as it will go as the suit will compress with pressure and loosen the initial fit. If after the compression of the suit the belt is loose, it will move the position of the ballast changing your center of gravity. This can cause instability. You could even lose it if it slides below your waist.

The ubication

Place the weights preferably in the abdominal part. This will allow your center of gravity to be in front of your waist, facilitating the hydrodynamic sailing position. If you place the weights in your lower back, their weight will tend to deflect you from the horizontal navigation position.  As well as causing you discomfort.

When placing the weights on the belt, make sure to arrange them keeping the symmetry with respect to the vertical axis of your body, otherwise you will be unbalanced in weight and you will sail heeled over, which will cause you considerable discomfort.

You can also see more information about all this in the specialty of Buoyancy Mastery.

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