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Science of Diving - Cabo La Nao

During the Science of Diving Course you will have the opportunity to delve into the fundamentals of the Physics of diving, the effects on the human body caused by breathing pressurized gases, the Decompression Theory, the components of the diving equipment and its basic operation. , as well as to increase your knowledge about the marine environment and its surroundings.

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    During your Open Water Diver course, you learned many new concepts about physics, physiology, diving equipment, etc? However, it is possible that you still have doubts about some of these topics and sometimes you have questions that you do not know how to answer. And you also do not know where to find information on these matters that is easy to understand for someone who is not an expert. If this is your case, we recommend that you perform the Science of Diving Specialty course SSI.

    This course offers you the opportunity to deepen the theoretical knowledge related to recreational diving. This knowledge will help you feel safer when you dive, since fears and fears always come from ignorance. By increasing your understanding of this subject, you will replace your misgivings with excitement and a desire for adventure. Therefore, this specialty is one of the few that is required to become a diving professional.


    Diving Science Course – SSI Specialty

    if you are already Open Water Diver SSI or equivalent from any other international diving agency (PADI, ACUC, ?) you can enroll in our SSI Diving Science specialty course. This course consists of individual study of teaching material and a final exam to verify that you have acquired the knowledge required for certification. Both the study material and the final exam can be taken entirely on-line. You SSI instructor will be available to clarify all the questions that may arise during your personal study.

    Are you determined to further develop your knowledge as a recreational diver to further your diving career? contact us TODAY to inform you!!!

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