Scuba Diver in Javea

Scuba Divers - Cabo La Nao


  • Minimum age: 10 years
  • Requisitos: Saber nadar y superar el siguiente health questionnaire
  • Theory (digital manual with videos)
  • Programa de prácticas en 1 día: 1 sesión de piscina por la mañana +  dos inmersiones seguidas en mar por la tarde
  • (Posibilidad de realizarlo en 2 días)


Are you attracted to the sea and its beauties? Do you get excited when you see reports showing underwater landscapes full of life? Are you passionate about the marine environment and ecology? Have you already tried scuba diving and want more? ? If that's your case, it's time to sign up for the curso de Scuba Diver y obtener tu primera titulación para poder sumergirte y disfrutar de los encantos y la emoción que te ofrece el océano.

This course offers you the opportunity to obtain an internationally valid recreational diving certification (according to ISO 24801-1) that you will not have to renew and that will allow you to dive forever in any of the wonderful diving destinations around the world.


Course Scuba Diver SSI (Jávea)

This course combines individual study of teaching material online together with 1 pool session Y 2 additional dives in the sea, always under the supervision of your SSI Instructor. Dives can be done on the same day or on different days (not necessarily consecutive).

Durante este curso tendrás ocasión de aprender todas las habilidades básicas de buceo requeridas para poder dive safely up to 12m deep, always accompanied by a Diving Professional. You will practice the skills to correctly assemble the diving equipment, to properly equip and weight yourself, to solve eventual situations related to the regulator and the mask underwater, as well as the elementary techniques to achieve neutral buoyancy and move easily in the water. You will also learn to respond appropriately to possible situations of assistance to a partner, which will increase your safety and comfort when you go diving.

If you are determined to become a recreational diver to start new adventures? contact us TODAY to inform you and JOIN our community!!!

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