Covid-19 Form

    Responsible statement and cancellation policy for COVID-19

    Date of declaration of this form:
    Personal information
    COVID-19 Information
    1. Fever (temperature greater than or equal to 38°C after several feedings)?: YesDo not
    2. Recent cough or an aggravated cough for several days?: YesDo not
    3. Recent or severe respiratory distress?: YesDo not
    4. Chest pain or abnormal respiratory failure?: YesDo not
    5. Abdominal pain, vomiting or diarrhea?: YesDo not
    6. Sore throat or runny nose?: YesDo not
    7. Significant and abnormal fatigue?: YesDo not
    8. Unusual headaches? YesDo not
    9. Loss of taste and/or smell?: YesDo not
    10. Abnormal heart rate variations or palpitations? YesDo not
    11. Have you done a COVID 19 test?: YesDo not
    12. Have you tested positive for COVID 19?: YesDo not
    13. Have you been in prolonged contact (+ than 15 min. at less than 1 meter) in the last 15 days with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID 19?: YesDo not
    It seems that you have answered NO to all the questions, you can come to dive following the protection measures for COVID-19 of the Cabo la Nao Diving Center
    ATTENTION: If you have answered YES to one of the questions (except 11), you will need to bring a new medical certificate before coming to dive with the Cabo la Nao Diving Center
    Responsible statement and cancellation policy:
    1. Once the service or activity has been contracted, the client has the right to withdraw at any time before departure if the withdrawal is due to the COVID-19 disease.
    2. This cause must be duly accredited with documents and/or official medical certificates and how many may be required.
    3. Once the withdrawal is known, the customer will be refunded the amounts paid that he had paid within a maximum period of one month.
    • I have read and accept the Privacy Policy Y cookies.
    • I acknowledge that I am informed that diving having suffered from the COVID 19 disease could have consequences at the time of practicing recreational diving.
    • I have read and accept the procedures in the application of the protective measures for COVID-19 Buceo Cabo la Nao and I declare that I agree with them.

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