Ecology of Sea Turtles

Sea Turtle Ecology - Cabo La Nao

Have you ever wondered how sea turtles migrate great distances, but somehow return to the beach where they hatched to lay their eggs? And how, even though they live in the ocean, do they still need fresh water to survive? If you have had occasion to see reports about the sea, you will have noticed that sea turtles appear in the vast majority of them. These wonderful animals are some of the most friendly? companions? that a diver can have during a dive.

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    Therefore, if you want to increase your knowledge as a recreational diver, or simply as a lover of the marine environment, learning more about the ocean and its inhabitants, it is time to enroll in the SSI Sea Turtle Ecology Specialty course. In this course you will acquire concepts and notions that will allow you to better understand how these wonderful animals live and behave.


    Sea Turtle Ecology Course – SSI Specialty

    If you are interested in the marine world and its creatures, you can enroll in our specialty course in Sea Turtle Ecology. This course consists of individual study of teaching material online, developed based on texts, images and explanatory videos that will help you understand the subject matter of the program. At the end of all the chapters of the digital material, you will have to complete a short online exam with multiple choice questions before receiving your specialty certification.

    During this course you will learn very interesting things about the different species of turtles that inhabit the sea, how they lay their unique eggs, how and why they carry out migrations during which they travel incredible distances through the ocean, how they grow and live and what are the threats currently facing its conservation and protection.

    All the SSI Ecology Specialties, as with the rest of the SSI Diving Specialties, count as continuous training in order to obtain the recognition qualifications as an SSI diver:

    • Specialist Diver (Specialty Diver) – 2 specialties.
    • Advanced Diver (Advanced Open Water Diver) ? 4 specialties.
    • Master Diver? 5 specialties.

    If you are determined to continue developing your knowledge as a lover of the marine environment? contact us TODAY to inform you!!!

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